Saturday, February 21, 2009

New York Fashion Week--Les Miserables

All pix are from the Boston Globe and if they are not visible here, it's because they busted me for it. Come on, you guys, let's work it together, eh?
Fashion has always been the realm of Coolness, but sometime in the last twenty years or so, it became the realm of the Seriously Pissed Off.
I mean nobody looks happy. Ever.
Are Flock of Seagulls back in fashion? Apparently, the hair is at Marc Jacobs' show.
And really why would you if you had to look like this? From Marc Jacobs, one of the swell lines available today. I would pay this girl twenty dollars to walk into Hannaford's and argue about her change.

The bright pink of this Marc Jacobs ensemble was so hot, the model had to wear shades -- literally.
This girl too. Although they'd probably hand over all the change and money in the till because they thought she was a robber. Okay, just a minute, maam, there's another twenty under here. Oh, I'm sorry. Don't shoot me, okay?
Or shades can just compliment a nice black cut from Marc Jacobs.
I guess Marc Jacobs is into anonymity or something like that. HONEY, IS THAT YOU? ARE YOU PLAYING SOYLENT GREEN AGAIN?
Hair was a focal point of Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 show, as this model wore her hair high.
I promise this is the last Marc Jacobs. This woman will beat the living shit out of you with her hundred-foot-long scarf which has nails on the end of it. You will have to pay a hundred bucks or so. Her hair is not only ratted, but there is a real rat living in it.
Oscar-nominated actor Mickey Rourke of 'The Wrestler' attends the Domenico Vacca Fall 2009 fashion show in the Salon at Bryant Park.
Mickey Rourke possibly, just possibly, is the very last person you'd expect to see at a fashion show. Maybe he wrestled some of these girls. Or did their hair. But he certainly conveys the Very Unhappy Look that everyone covets.
Poofy is in style at the fall 2009 collection of Erin Fetherston.
This is more like what we're used to, sort of the Heroin Princess Cadaver style from Erin Fetherston. Can you see those high heels? I had stilts as a kid that weren't that high.
Seasonal colors: A model walks the runway at the Y-3 Autumn/Winter 2009-10 fashion show at Pier 40.
Um, this is menswear. I guess. Sort of a Halloween Colombine Shooter Nostalgia.
Attention, Earthlings: Jonathan Saunders Fall 2009 look is a little out there. As in, the final frontier.
This could fly at Hannaford's. Or I could wear this on my walk up Berlin Road and scare those goddamn dogs that always bark at me. You have to be able to speak in a monotone to pull it off, though. PLEASE STAND CLEAR.
And finally, one last girl who is smiling. Smiling because she knows her career is over, because she will be beaten senseless backstage for falling down in front of the audience.
Crash and burn: A model slips during the fall 2009 collection of Herve Leger.

I'm going back to Scarf Anxiety. I can't take it.
A bientot


At 4:43 PM , Anonymous Musaafiruun said...

When you see how spindly this girl's legs are it can come as no surprise if they are not always strong enough to hold her upright.


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