Friday, February 06, 2009

Scarf Anxiety

Love Quotes Italian Linen Scarf in Lagoon
Now this looks fabulous. And of course it inspires me to try it myself.
This way? That way? Is it over or under? I lean way in to scrutinize the picture.

It usually ends badly.

So then I try and follow written directions. Here are some for what is called a "buckaroo" tie, which sounds intriguing.
Step 1
Begin with a folded oblong or a bias-band folded square scarf. Drape the scarf around your neck, then grasp opposite ends of the scarf, one in each hand.
Step 2
Wrap the scarf once around one or two fingers of your left hand, from over front to back and back over the fingers with the end hanging down and loose.

You know what? I'm going to step in here and abbreviate these directions, because I can't follow them. It's like trying to assemble a bicycle or a fiberoptic Christmas tree (which I have done).

For me it ends up being Napkin at a Restaurant scarf.

Maybe stay away from the face, huh? Maybe try a scarf as a belt. How bad can that be?

I am not comfortable with this. I feel like a hippie. I feel like people are pointing and staring.

And truly to analyze this, that is always my problem. It's why I buy things and don't wear them. I think people are pointing and staring. And yet that's why we buy things to wear, isn't it? So people will notice?

There's also the color question. A big choice confuses and disorients me. I walk away feeling I have bought the wrong color. And then of course I never wear it.

The length confuses me. Do I want a swirly ethereal presentation? Or short and chic? WHAT DO I WANT FROM LIFE? DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE!

Some suggestions I would never try.

On me, this would be Aunt Jemima Hits the Golden Years or Welcome To The Concentration Camp.

Maybe I'm better off never getting out of my pajamas. But wait. I can't decide on those either.

Yours in fashion confusion, dear reader.
A bientot


At 10:01 PM , Blogger sandman1 said...

Hey, I don't think you'd get as many points-and-stares as that model's Buster Poindexter hair -- what's up with that! Even if you wore yours like Quick Draw McGraw it wouldn't be as strange!

Those folding instructions are laughable! Seems like one of those things you have to have someone show you (maybe someone put it on youtube?), or at least some diagrams!

At 6:46 AM , Blogger Becky Motew said...

YouTube is a good idea. And you know, I bet there are some there. Buster Poindexter--HAR.


At 2:23 AM , Blogger Kay said...

The old double knot is my fail-safe method. Maybe a little unimaginative, but it does the trick without it looking like a python's got me! I love scarves - I must own about twenty of them. Our climate of course is such that I can wear them all year round!
(Our city's Uni students are called 'Scarfies' because so many of them wear knitted scarves, and have for decades. It's a tradition.)

At 7:28 AM , Blogger Becky Motew said...

Gosh, that is interesting, Kay. I'm intimidated by the scarfies. What a great image, the python--that's exactly accurate!!!


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