Monday, November 16, 2009

When you're a genius....

Gamble costs Patriots It's only a matter of time until you're not a genius. Until people cringe at your decisions and say"what were we thinking when we conferred that title"?
Maybe if Professor Einstein had lived longer, he would have been revealed as something less than a genius--DID YOU SEE AL'S LATEST EXPERIMENT? HE SAYS THERE'S TEN PLANETS OUT THERE AND ALL OF THEM FLAT! COME ON BY AFTER LUNCH AND LET'S TAKE A LOOK!

So anyway, Coach Hoodie (as called by Dan Shaughnessy) gambled on the big time gutsy Bill Parcells type of move last night (going for it on fourth down, even though in own territory) and lost.

Hey, baby.
C'est la vie.
Ya win some, ya lose some.
Patriots, Brady take on Manning, Colts
It is such a pleasure to watch Brady and Manning. They are both cool customers. I used to hate Dan Marino, who would get red in the face and start lambasting his own players . He was one pissed off QB. These two are the direct descendants of all the other Great Ones, including Joe Montana, Brett Favre, and John Elway. (thanks to Boston Globe)

A number of decades ago, a college roommate and I drove in the middle of the night from Champaign, IL to Indianapolis in search of a friend we knew at Fort Benjamin Harrison. It was a foolhardy trip (the only kind we ever took). The car had no heat. The window wouldn't open. Something about the "rings" (?????) made it so that it consumed one or two quarts of oil on every outing. It had other problems as well, which were all on display during the drive. It was pitch black as we drove the flat landscape between Illinois and Indiana. I urged my friend to turn the car lights off now and then for a scary thrill. I'm not proud of this. Anyway, we ended up parked near the tall skinny monument in the middle of Indy, unsure where to go. A very unlucky police officer tried to help us, but we ended up confusing him.

See full size image

I think this was the monument and we were there. I have never returned.

"American fashion has a cretin look to it."

One more full week of school, dear reader, until Velveeta.




At 11:07 PM , Blogger sandman1 said...

You're taking the Pats game better than I was last night... But I don't really blame Belichick -- that's a cop out. If it'd worked they would have hailed him.

Rings could do that -- they're like bangles around the pistons and their job is to keep the oil on the the bottom side of the piston, so it can lubricate stuff, and out of the top side with the exploding gasoline, where it can only be burned up in a cloud of blue smoke (which that car surely had behind it!).

At 6:16 AM , Blogger Becky Willis Motew said...

That car performed like the Pats last night--blue smoke was the least of its troubles. I actually missed the second half, so that's probably why I wasn't more upset, sm.

At 11:02 PM , Blogger sandman1 said...

Good call -- the first half was splendid! Quiet enjoyable.


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