Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day 28

3701454.471251219424 And so in a spirit of muted celebration I have arrived at the last day. I can't believe it and I wish I could say it flew by. It did not. It dragged. I wish I had the patience of Julia Child, or of Meryl Streep (shown here auditioning with a new partner for Dancing With the Stars), so that I could have cooked some yummy consoling dishes for my hunger. But I did not. I am a sluggard in the domestic arts and will always choose something easy. I will post here tomorrow or the next day on my final weight and my final thoughts on the whole experiment. Fingers crossed for my final weigh-in.

Breakfast: The Usual 290

Lunch: WW Santa Fe Hamster Fillets 330

Dollop of Thousand Island 50

grapes 70

Dinner: slice of toast YUM 100

WW Mystery Parmesan 310

grapes 60

BreathSavers 60

TOTAL: 1270

EXERCISE: Rain and --no, it can't be true--SNOW no exercise



MAIN BITCH: our weather is not like Aruba

LITTLE VOICE: you'll never be able to keep this up.


Shapely under the Drapely


At 2:39 PM , Blogger Kristina said...

I look forward to your final thoughts tomorrow...

I watched part of that Patriots game and could not believe my eyes at the snow on the field!


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