Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chicago, Champaign, and Madison

This is what you see out the window in Illinois.

Corn, baby! Lots of it!

As high as an elephant's eye, I'm pretty sure.

But at Milennium Park in Chicago, you turn around and see this.

This guy spits at another guy. You have to be there. It's also great when you get sprayed if it's 95 degrees, which it was.

Then you drive a ways and get to your U of I alma mater and pose late at night. U of I is way cool, dear reader.

Here I am in an earlier shot in front of the student union. I love it there.

It's stately and majestic. We were ready to test it against the University of Wisconsin. Badger Fever!

U of W is cool because it's the state capital.

You can take a tour and find out it was the thirtieth state, named for President James Madison, who had recently died.
"Forward!" is the motto.

Look in and see the idealistic citizen taking the tour in air conditioned comfort.

They don't have a grand quad as U of I does, but they do have a way cool Terrace, which looks like a resort. Students sit there and look out at Lake Mendota.

Here are two of my acquaintances enjoying the day on the U of W campus. We managed to pound down two pitchers of beer.

I don't even like beer.

But it was cooleo way fun to do. I sacrifice when I have to.

You can visit the Frank Lloyd Wright estate near Madison, which is called Taliesin. If you have read LOVING FRANK, you are waiting for them to tell you in which room was the grisly murder, but they don't.
It's still very interesting, including this piece of a roof which is fighting with the tree for survival.

When you are in Wisconsin, you must eat cheese curds. They are very delicious and they squeak when you eat them. This purchase did not make it back to Illinois.

More later, dear reader.
I am in the middle of Humongous Huge Vacation Travels.


At 10:33 PM , Blogger sandman1 said...

I've only been to Wisconsin once (the Dells), but I did learn about cheese curds -- otherwise I'd be asking what they heck you were talking about. They do indeed squeak! The other thing I first encountered there was duck boat rides, before they came to Boston. I've never been on the Charles in one (though I've cheered them loaded with champion Sox), but our driver in WI was a hoot and made it highly entertaining.

You're seeing cool sights -- I had to look for a youtube video of the spitting fountains. Crazy!

At 6:09 AM , Blogger Becky Willis Motew said...

I was at the Dells myself decades ago and barely remember it, sm. My friend's friend calls it "Wesconsin" so we were having a laugh doing that too. Madison is a fantastic place to live!

At 12:12 PM , Blogger Eileen said...

Wow, vacation, huh? Excellent. Wish I could afford to leave the area. The biggest trip I took recently was to Home Depot in Londonderry, NH (next to where I live) to get a refrigerator. Fun times!


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