Tuesday, June 29, 2010


A Customer Care Specialist has contacted me!


The note says that because "this issue requires a substantial amount of information for follow up, we look forward to speaking with you directly," and I have to call their 800 number.

More to come!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Imagine yourself at 7am, dear reader, enjoying a delicious container of chocolate raspberry-flavored "whipped" yogurt.
You become aware that there is a big metal object in your mouth.
What the----?
In my case, I immediately think it is a tooth or a crown or some huge expensive dental partial that has come loose. But no. There it is over in the corner. See it? It looks something like the top to a salt shaker, but smaller.
There it is. I'm not a good photographer, but there it is.
I have written a letter.
That's all I will say. I am not a litigious sort of gal, but I don't think it's right to put metal gizmos in your yogurt.
I have to lose two pounds. It's most tedious. They have been on me since Arkansas. I can't get under them. And July is going to be one gala calorie fest, so I need to do it now.
Old coupon pals Dick and Dana at a recent reunion. Dick was my boss and the wise purveyor of wisdom in so many areas.
"They cool off fast" (hot sales prospects)
"Meeting the deadline is like trying to get a herd of cows through a doorway."
"If you wait long enough, all problems will go away."
I know this last one sounds potentially irresponsible, dear reader, but he didn't mean it that way. And it is true. And if you wait really long enough, we'll all be dead anyway.
Dana had sayings of her own, such as "doing a Jesus." That's when you are sitting at McDonald's having coffee and you remember something or someone very important that you forgot to get into the mailing. "JESUS!" I think she may be still doing them in her present job.
Me, I am living the dream for now. All thoughts of bloopers are far away.
A bientot
Okay, so on that note I am off to a family jaunt.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Green Blues

Celtics head coach Doc Rivers found a quiet location to do a radio interview before Game 7.

Doc Rivers desperately tries to call Fenway Park for a decent hot dog. Or a recording of "Sweet Caroline." Or something.

Not to bitch, dear reader. Not to complain.
Before starting the cliche-fest (you can't win them all), let me just say that we don't like the Lakers. We intensely dislike them.
But as I have noted before, at least they are not the Yankees.
Those guys we do hate.
And we won two years ago. That was sweet.
Golden Power, a group of Hungarian acrobats who were providing the halftime entertainment, practiced in the hallway during Game 6.

These are Hungarian acrobats who provided entertainment in LA during half time.

Dr. Freud? Are you there?
Can you turn up the World Cup radio program, please? This basketball thing is boring.

NBA super fan Jimmy Goldstein (right) brought Danish supermodel Amalie Wichmahn to Game 6.

All these pix are from the Boston Globe (THANK YOU!) and this one identified these two people as celebrities. I can't remember who. The guy looks a little bit like a very aged and wizened Henry Winkler. The girl must be his niece, I guess.

Anyway, it's time to get over the loss. (Cliches approaching!)

Let it go.
Move ahead.
Better days are coming.
You've gotten over worse.
Other things are worth more. Here are two.

Enough said.

Go Red Sox.

Tune in next time, dear reader, to see why I may bring a lawsuit against ....well, wait and see. Seriously.
A bientot

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Recent Entertainment

Sometimes it's good to examine one's entertainment choices, isn't it? So here are the recent movies I have seen: some rented, some from the libes, and one or two paid admission at the theeyater.


The Hangover was, I think, a hit movie, or maybe it still is. This was a rental and I was extremely trepidatious about it. It looks stupid, vacuous. sexist, and immature. It was all of those. But I gotta say, it was pretty funny. Four stars from the Beckster.
Nurse Betty is a ten-year-old flick and I brought it home from the library. It's dumb. How could anyone be that dumb? I'm picturing the pitch somebody must have made for it--hey, a really dumb girl thinks she living in a soap opera! Uh, no. That's what they should have said. Renee is cute so I will give it one star.

First four episodes of Entourage. This looked like it would be addictive and we were in the mood. It's okay. It's skewed too young and male for me, I guess. The females in it make me feel old and crone-like, though grateful I don't have to compete in Hollywood.

Sex and the City 2. I went for the clothes. I have always followed the show and watched when I could because of the clothes. My mother used to say that about Charlie's Angels (old TV show). "I want to see what they wear." I get that.
SC2 did not disappoint on that level. Great threads.
The show is vapid and inane. Of course.
I really think the show on TV used to be thoughtful and provocative. It explored new territory for women's viewing. It wasn't stupid, vapid, or inane. Now it is.
But that's not the worst problem.
This movie is extremely insulting to Muslims. Is there a reason for that? Don't some of them hate us already? Did someone think it would be fun to throw a lighted match onto some gasoline? Isn't anyone going to say this?
One star for the clothes.
Date Night Weekend Box Office: Fey and Carell for the Win!

Date Night with Tina Fey and whats-his-name. I have always heard of Steve Carrell, but thought he was a black dude who wore glasses and pretended to be an Egyptian? Isn't there somebody like that?
The movie is deeply implausible, but what movie isn't? What comedy isn't, I should say. Three stars and Mark Wahlberg looks good without a shirt.

Valentines Day Movie stills - valentines-day-2010 photo

Valentine's Day--I turned this off after ten minutes because it was too boring to watch. That was probably unfair and I should have given it another ten.
It's my life.

Cold Comfort Farm was excellent. It figures I would like this English PBS-ey kind of flick and I did. This is Kate Beckinsale, whom I always mix up with Kate Winslet and I think there's another English Kate in there too. Four stars.

I can't remember any more right now. So what's the analysis of the person who would choose to watch all of these?

Deeply selfish.
Silly, shallow, and superficial.
Out for her own enjoyment--

F--kin' A, baby!
I'm Living the Dream, dear reader.
A bientot

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Your Tattoo Looks Stupid

I don't mean that you are stupid.

I don't mean that.

But I am here to tell you the truth.

Do you remember ten years ago? Do you remember any of the styles that you wore then? Baseball caps? Certain jeans? Fashions?

Do you wear many of those now?

I didn't think so.

They were fun and you loved them. But you wouldn't wear them NOW. You want to look better than that. You've moved on.

Do you think your tattoo will be any different?

Don't put somebody's name permanently on your body. If they are a dead relative, you won't bring them back. You won't honor them. You won't accomplish anything for them. You'll just wish you hadn't done it.
See full size image

Your mother doesn't want her name on your arm. Or your wrist. Or anywhere. Cattle wear brands because there's no other way to tell people who their owner is.

They're too stupid.

Show honor to your mother in other ways. Take her to lunch. Send her flowers. Don't disfigure yourself.

If the subject of your tattoo is the love of your life right now, consider that one in two marriages end in divorce. Good chance that person will be long gone in ten years. You're better off wearing a ring. It signifies your love, you can wear it everywhere, and you can get rid of it when and if.

It looks like you have the Sunday funny papers going up and down your legs.

Wipe that off, I always think.

But you can't.

For women, the stakes are even higher.
Megan Fox tattoos A cute little butterfly in a tender spot seems sexy right now. In ten years, when you've moved on from Ricky the Rebel-Dude to the venture capitalist with the cool place on Long Island, it might be a very unwelcome surprise.

Do you like birthmarks? That's what tattoos look like.

This has been said by many, but I'll say it again. How do you think the lovely rose will look when you are 40 or 50? I"ll tell you how it will look.



Old Hippie.

I'll stop now.

I saw a lot of these in my recent time spent in airports. And I know my students love tats. I accept that. And probably their parents try to tell them not to do it.

But they are parents and so of course don't know anything.

Certain things in life, your friends won't tell you. They still want to be your friend, that's why. Some things only your mother will tell you. You have bad breath, dear. Don't use your fork like that. Sit up straight--you're hunched over and look bad.
We all need someone to tell us stuff like this.

So I'm telling you.
A bientot
don't hate me